Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lori's Shower

I am a few weeks behind on this post, but I wanted to post a picture of my cupcakes for the couple's shower for our good friends Lori and Allan! I didn't go with the bird nest cupcakes, instead I went a little more girly. Anyway, I don't think the pictures really do them justice, they really did turn out cute if I do say so myself. My mom brought her cake decorating stuff and gumpaste to make flowers. I made several different ones with flowers, some with A and a flower for Avery (the baby's name), some with onsies with an A, etc. It was so much fun and they tasted good. It ended up being a great shower with a great turnout! She got lots of preciuos baby gifts too! I can't wait to meet little Avery!!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Will's First Swim

My parent's kept Will this past weekend while Michael and I celebrated his graduation from residency. The weekend was full of farewell dinner/banquet, golf, laying in the sun, and playing in the casino! It was a fun weekend, I will post pictures later as I am in Atlanta right now and can't get to my computer! Anyway, my parents took great care of Will, but I have to say I don't like being away from him. I think I am a little overprotective, I like to think I just love my child so much!

I did spend a few days in Atlanta then flew back to Jackson for the weekend. While I was home we took Will swimming for the first time! He loved it! I took him to the Koppe's pool. I grew up swimming at their house and it was fun to take Will there too! I guess it has come full circle. Thanks Ms. Koppe for use of the pool!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

New Pics!

Here are just a few random photos of the last week or so. I am so excited that Will smiles for the camera now instead of studying it! Mom came for the week to help me pack and help with Will. I never could have gotten so much done without her! Thanks Mom! I am posting pics from her camera, which have none of her in them. So when I unload the pics on my camera I will post some of her with Will.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Here it goes...

Carrie tagged me to list 100 things about myself, I am hoping I can come up with that many...

1) I love being a mother.
2) I have a serious lack of control when it comes to Ben and Jerry's.
3) I don't drink enough water and drink too much coffee, especially in the winter.
4) I graduated with only 8 people including myself.
5) I look really bad with short hair. Therefore my hair has been long since 8th grade.
6) I used to want to be in Wilson Phillips, which was also my first concert. Nelson was there too, how embarrassing.
7) The older I get the less I care about what people think of me.
8) I am passive and kind of a push over.
9) I wish I was more assertive and a bit more confident.
10) I hate high maintainance friendships.
11) I don't like being around people that you always have to say the "right things" to, know what I mean?
12) I have the greatest husband in the world.
13) I dislike cleaning bathrooms and doing laundry.
14) I really miss my chocolate lab Haley.
15) I have learned in my almost 29 years on earth to not take things for granted and never count your chickens before they hatch.
16)I am embarrassed by the fact that I have read hundreds of US Weekly's cover to cover, but never done the same with the Bible. How will I explain that one?
17) I love making jewelry.
18) I also just discovered I love to make and decorate cupcakes, oh yeah, eat them too.
19) I still have 8 pounds of baby weight to lose, but am having a hard time finding time to exercise. Is that an excuse?
20) I really believe you can count your true friends on one hand, maybe two hands.
21) I am bad about thinking the worst in some, not all situations, Michael says I can be a pessimist, but I think that I am a realist.
22) I used to be terrified by thunderstorms.
23) I don't miss teaching, that wasn't my calling...
24) I am scared of getting skin cancer, but can't stay out of the sun. I do wear sunscreen though.
25) I wish I didn't have freckles.
26) I think I am a good listener.
27) I have been told that I am a great gift giver.
28) My allergies have disappeared since I got pregnant. People who have known me a long time are shocked right now.
29) I don't like fake, flakey people.
30) I love decorating.
31) I love finding a deal and rarely buy things that aren't on sale.
32) I do however shell out for jeans.
33) The rise in gas prices infuriate me. I don't understand...
34) I tend to worry about things I can't control.
35) Canteloupe is my favorite fruit.
36) I work best under pressure. At least that is what most procrastinators tell themselves.
37) I like to know what lies ahead. Surprises stress me out.
38) I stay up too late.
39) I like to take old furniture and paint it, distress it, or whatever it needs. Makes for great conversation pieces. Like the buffet in my dining room my mom got it for $10 at a garage sale. I painted it black and distressed it and it gets the most comments of all my furniture.
40) I REALLY need to learn how to sew, but I am afraid I lack the patience.
41) I wish I could go without any makeup.
42) There are givers and there are takers, I think I am a giver.
43) I really hope that I am not put on bedrest when I have a second child.
44) I can't believe I am pushing 30...
45) I do not enjoy the company of loud, obnoxious people.
46) I am sad that we are moving in a few weeks.
47) I still wear my retainer at night.
48) I have no desire to ever scuba dive. Sharks and breathing through a tube scare me.
49) I love a good back scratch and rub.
50) I prefer baths to showers.
51) I have to sleep with a fan on at night.
52) I love to sing.
53) Getting my brows waxed make me feel like a new woman.
54) I don't have to have the last word. It annoys me when people do.
55) I am more compassionate now that I have a child.
56) I understand now how much my parents love me now that I have a child of my own.
57) Michael and I met at a wedding. Awww.
58) We dated long distance our entire relationship.
59) I am a little overprotective of Will. Michael always asks when his plastic bubble is coming in the mail. HaHa
60) If I had to live in another country, it would be Australia.
61) I think everyone looks better in black and white pictures.
62) I hate packing!!!
63) I wish I liked to cook more.
64) I wish healthy foods were more convenient.
65) My new favorite candy is Reese's Big Cup.
66) I get overwhelmed easily.
67) I love naps, but rarely get to take them.
68) After becoming a mom I rarely wear heels and I love heels.
69) I try to never say never.
70) I am a dog person, I don't trust cats.
71) I think I am a pretty strong person, mentally that is.
72) I haven't worked out in a year, I feel like a sloth.
73) I have to admit I watch my share of reality tv.
74) I don't always use my time wisely.
75) I would love to continue, but I have to go to bed...

I am going to tag Ada, Dee Dee, Ryan, Jennifer S., and Stacy. I was a slacker and only did 75, but it is midnight...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fun Weekend!

This past weekend I went to Memphis to visit Casey! Will and I packed up Friday morning and stayed until Sunday. Will was a trooper. He let Casey and I shop, go out to eat, etc.! I have to thank her husband Justin for babysitting while Casey and I went for ice cream one night. We laughed, layed around on the couch, it felt like we were back in college! So fun.

Those of you who know Casey know she is pregnant with a little girl, Henley. Anyway, her nursery is gorgeous and it is not even finished. I love the wall color and I saw her bedding fabric and it is great! Of course, those of you who know Casey know she has great taste! I can't wait to see the nursery when it is finished!!!! Thanks for such a fun weekend Casey! I am so mad I didn't take ONE picture while I was there!

My mom flew to Memphis to ride back home with me to help me pack. I can't believe we will be leaving in 4 weeks! I have so much to do. I am so thankful that my mom could come down and help me!

We also stopped in to visit Mandi. We got to check out her new house and help her do a few things. I actually did get a picture of her with he little boy Ethan and her new baby girl Nina!

Now back to packing...ugh

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Big Boy!

Will loves hanging out on the couch. He thinks he is such a big boy!