Sunday, April 29, 2007

My Hobby...

Abalone shell horn earring with sterling silver ear wire.
Chinese carved Cinnabar beads with sterling silver ear wire.
Crystal bead and blue quartz bead with sterling silver ear wire.
Camel colored quartz bead with gold fill ear wire. (these look so cute on)
Gold fill leaf stamping with gold fill ear wire.

I have finally revisited my hobby of jewelry making. There for a while I was pretty busy with a newborn so all of those time consuming things fell by the wayside. I still am not back to it 100%, I am just back to making earrings. They are pretty easy to make and take less time than necklaces. I started making jewelry about a year and a half ago. When Michael and I went to Australia we went to several markets where local people would sell their "crafts." Anyway, at this one stand you would pick out what you wanted your necklace made out of and they would make it right there. I watched them do a few and thought...I can do this. So when we got back home I got on the internet, looked at some beading magazines, and got started. I ended up loving to do it and I actually sold many pieces. So I posted a few pictures of some earrings I made last week. The earrings really look better on, but I couldn't photograph them just right. They really aren't anything special, but I like them and they took maybe 30 minutes to make them all. I really would like to get back into it and sell some! I am also thinking about taking some classes at a local bead shop. Oh yeah, I called my jewelry CAK (or cake) which are my (maiden name) initials. Kind of cheesy, but whatever.

Monday, April 23, 2007


Do any of you gag on Buttered Popcorn JellyBellys? It is the worst flavor, who even thought of that? I like the coconut ones and I sometimes mistake a buttered popcorn for coconut and I seriously almost lose my dinner. I have done that twice tonight, so I had to vent...

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Flying is for the birds...

We flew to Nashville this weekend for an interview in Nashville. The group was very nice they bought us plane tickets, including Will. Well, Will decided to have a couple of meltdowns on the plane. Of course, we had to go through Atlanta, so it was a total of 4 plane rides. The worst was on the way from Nashville to Atlanta, he was screaming SO loud. I was trying to feed him and he just kept screaming (he was really tired, and he is not happy when he is tired). Anyway, we were directly behind first class so I know they were annoyed. I don't handle those situations very well. It stresses me out! Michael and I both were trying to console him and calm him down - we were both sweating. He carried on for probably just 5 or 10 minutes but it seemed like forever...There was a bright side to all of this though - They purchased a ticket for Will (which is nice because you can put the carrier in a seat etc.) but we thought we would try to get it refunded to the group because he usually ends up in my lap anyway. They couldn't refund it because it was booked through Orbitz so Will had a seat on each flight. Well the airline overbooked every flight we were on. So when they announced it was full and would anyone wait for the later flight for a voucher etc, we walked up and said we will give up Will's seat for a voucher. Long story short, we did this for each flight and racked up $1050 in flight vouchers! I don't see how overbooking makes money for the airline...

Monday, April 16, 2007


Last Tuesday I decided to go home for a few days, as Michael is spending time studying for his boards. So I hopped in the car around 3 pm and headed to Atlanta without telling my parents. I got to my parent's house around 10:30, coaxed my dad outside to look for "something I had left last visit" and when he opened the door, there we were! We then walked downstairs and surprised my mom! It was so much fun seeing the looks on their faces! I have had a nice break here with lots of help with Will! I also got to see my friend Ada. She is 19 weeks pregnant and looks so cute. You can't really tell she is very pregnant in the picture, but she has a cute little belly! She will find out in a couple of weeks what she is having!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Boob Tube

I had to post these pictures of Will trying to watch tv. I had him turned away from the tv while he played with his toy - well as you can see the toy was not very interesting, but what was on the tv was! If you click on the photos to enlarge it you can see what he was looking at, hence the title of the post...

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone had a great Easter! As you can see in the picture, Will liked his easter basket. It was so funny he was looking down in it to see what was in there. We tried to get a few pictures outside. It is really hard to do that when they can't sit up yet, but we got a few cute ones!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Weekend in Nashvegas...

Will, Michael, and Poppa
I had to show a picture of the "fun" plane ride.

Uncle Kyle and Will

Uncle Berry and Will
Aunt Ann and Will

Will and daddy at the Easter Egg Hunt.

Brooke, Lauryn, Will and I - Will thought Lauryn was cute...

Will, Aunt Dee Dee, and his cousins! Beau loved to grab and hug Will!

Will and Abby - how cute is that!

Will and his MiMi.

Once again I went a little crazy with all of the pictures! We had a busy weekend in Nashville! Michael had an interview so we made a weekend out of it! Anyway, as you can see we visited with Michael's family and my brother Kyle. Saturday I went to my friend Jennifer's wedding! It was so much fun seeing her and tons of people I haven't seen in forever!! Jennifer looked beautiful - I, of course, forgot my camera, so I don't have any pictures! I was so mad at myself. My mom was there and was so excited to see Will!
On Sunday we went to lunch with some of the doctors at the hospital that Michael was interviewing with. Then we stopped by Lyla and Jon's house to meet their new little one, Mamie (so cute and sweet), then we rushed over to the egg hunt at the Baker's Farm. It is absolutely gorgeous out there! We got lots of great pictures. We got to see Brooke, Ryan and Lauryn, who is so cute, Christine, Emily, Ashley, Niki, and lots of other friends we hardly ever get to see!
We flew to Nashville and Will was pretty good on the flight. However, he did have a few meltdowns, which was a little stressful. I felt bad for the other passengers, but what do you do? Of course it didn't help we had to sit on the plane for an hour while they replaced a MISSING engine door. That didn't put my mind at ease...