Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Bed...

We are about to transition Will to a "big boy" bed. Mom was here all last week helping me paint Will's room and nursery, furniture, etc. We got a lot done! Thanks mom (and dad - he came over the weekend and helped too!). Anyway the bed was quite a saga. The weekend before my mom came I went to Atlanta to shop for some furniture. We went to Scott's Antique market where I could have spent a FORTUNE! They have so many great things there. Anyway, I found this bed (below). Loved it. I asked the is a standard twin, right? Oh yes maam...blah blah blah. So I am excited...

Well we get home paint it, distress it, have it all ready to go. We put it together - looks oh so cute. We put the box springs on or try rather...bed is TOO SHORT and TOO NARROW. I was not happy. So long story short we run around town looking for metal rails to fit - no such luck. What are we going to do??? I can't take it back and am not paying for custom made mattresses... The original bed rails ran along side the bed like panels almost and hooked into the headboard and footboard. So Michael ended up having to make new side rail panels and bolt them too the bed. You can still see I haven't painted those yet! He saved the day and wasn't too upset with me - haha! Should have measured it huh! I think all in all it turned out cute!
Still nothing on the walls and I think I am going to do white drapes...
Loving his new bed! He was also VERY excited his Uncle Kyle came to see him! If he said his name once he said it a 1000 times!

Monday, February 09, 2009

What have we been up to?

I have been such a blogger slacker here lately....blame facebook! :)  Just kidding.  I never post pictures on facebook really, but I waste a lot of time looking at everyone else's!  ha!  I decided to blog now since the Bachelor is being interrupted by the presidential news conference.

We have been busy playing outside and enjoying the nice weather like everyone else!  It was crazy we had snow on the ground and then the next day it was 60 degrees!  Enjoy the pictures!