Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Little Man and the Monthy Giveaway...

Hmmmm...what should I knock over next with this golf club???
"I gitch you!" His favorite thing to say here lately. He loves to be chased!
Havein' some pretzels and juice...on the coffee table.
Will is obsessed with pumpkins! I let him pick one out at the grocery store the other day and he thinks it is the greatest thing ever! He really loves getting out the baby pumpkins (as Will calls them)and gourds (or gwuards as Will says) on the dining room table, lining them up, and counting them.

I really have been terrible about blogging lately! I am also behind on the jewelry giveaway so here it is! A $40 Gift Certificate to www.lovemybabyjewelry.com. Just leave a comment to enter! I will draw Sunday night!

So what have we been up to? Weekend before last my parents came up for the weekend to watch Will while Michael and I went to the UT/FL game. Mom took pictures, but I don't have any! They had lots of fun as usual!

Will is turning into a 2 year old for sure! He is soooooo busy and funny! Talking a ton and says new things all the time that crack us up! He is so much fun and I just love that little guy to death! This past weekend we had to go a college football game that Michael had to cover. His practice splits up the games and he agreed to the one that was 4 hours away! So we had a little road trip. We didn't leave until about 8pm and got to the hotel around 12am! Will didn't fall asleep in the car at all! I couldn't believe it! He was good though, just watching his dvd's.

All for now...going to bed!

Monday, September 22, 2008

New Jewelry!

I have finally added new jewelry to my website! I have added new pieces in every catagory and still have more to add, but I cannot stay on the computer any longer!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blog slacker...

I have been busy with jewelry and haven't had time to post at night when I usually do!  So family has been asking for a picture of Will and I am embarrassed these are the only ones I have taken of him in the past week or so!  However, you can see the cute outfit his Aunt Dee Dee made for him!  Since these pictures he has had a haircut - which looks really cute by the way - I will take some more recent pictures and post them soon!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Jewelry Winner!

*** Don't forget to read the previous post about cleaning your Love My Baby Necklace!***

Okay I know I normally I choose two winners, but I am pretty busy filling orders at the moment so this month I only have one winner! Sorry - next month we will do two! Here is the winner!

#3 Elizabeth S.

Congratulations! Just email me with what you would like!

Also, I will be adding lots to the website this week. I will post a few pics of new earrings and necklaces on the blog when I add them to my website! Have a great week!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Care for your Love My Baby Necklace

You can still enter the jewelry giveaway in the previous post!

The other day I decided I needed to clean my necklace. The chains I use are sterling silver and as you know silver over time will tarnish as it is exposed to the air, salt, chemicals, perfume, lotion, your skin etc. The initial charms are fine silver (99% pure silver) and tarnish (never seen this happen personally) at a slower rate than sterling silver. Like I said chain I use on my necklaces are sterling silver, but also have an anti tarish treatment on them to stop tarnishing and provide "shelter" from air, elements, etc that cause tarnishing. There is never a 100% guarantee on anti-tarnish, some may never tarnish and some may, but the anti tarnish treated product help prolong the life of sterling silver...So I said all that to give you the best cleaner for your silver if it begins to tarnish or lose that new luster!

I DO NOT recommend any liquid jewelry cleaners, such as Tarn-x or any of the jewelry cleaners you drop your jewelry in as it can give it a yellowing look to it. It is almost like those cleaners are too harsh. You should never soak any jewelry in Tarn-x!!!!

You SHOULD USE a silver cream polish, such as Wright's Silver Cream Polish. It works great and brings back the new shine to your silver!

Just thought I would share if your necklace needs a Shine Boost!