Friday, July 27, 2007

will crawl for food...

So Will has been attempting this crawling thing for a few weeks. He would take a few shuffles, but never seemed really motivated to follow through. Well obviously the donut was enough motivation! I promise donuts are not part of his daily diet!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Back in Business...

Camel quartz, gold base metal bead caps, 14k gold filled links and earwire. $16
Brown/bronze coin pearl, freshwater pearl stick, and 14k gold filled earwire. $15

Pale green jade beads, freshwater pearls, sterling silver links and earwires. $15
Clear glass beads, gold plate beads, and vermeil earwires. $14

Green cloisonne beads, freshwater pearls, and gold metal earwires. $12

Gray mother of pearl clover with sterling silver earwires. $10

White mother of pearl disc, bronze/gold coin pearl, and 14k gold filled earwire. $15
Sterling silver loop, freshwater pearl sticks, pale green jade, and sterling silver earwire. $17

Turquiose, white, and gold cloisonne bead, freshwater pearl bead, and gold wire earring. $12

Vermeil (14k over sterling silver) earwire, cloisonne bead, and freshwater pearl earring. $15

Sterling silver link and earwire with an army green(other color pearls available)freshwater coin pearl. $15

Freshwater pearl stick, 14 gold filled link and earwire. $16

Here are some of the latest pieces I have made! I have already bought new tools, beads, supplies...I couldn't wait! I posted a couple of pictures of each. I haven't gotten down the photo part of this. Any ideas on how to photograph the earrings better??? They are also posted on the cak jewelry blog!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pool Time

We took Will to the pool today. He loved it even more than the last time! He splashed and laughed and had a big time with his daddy! We have really enjoyed all the family time we have had lately. I will be sad when Michael has to start work on August 1. Oh well, we better enjoy it while it lasts!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I must vent...

The ONE box that was put in storage that should have been on the moving truck was the ONE box with all of my jewelry making tools, beads, stones, sterling wire, etc. I even went to my favorite bead shop before we left to stock up on several things, ugh! Thank you Two Men and a Truck, I really appreciate you paying attention as you loaded the boxes. Of course, I can't give up this hobby for a whole year so I am now in the process of building my supplies back up and of course I have gotten several orders for things. So if any of you care cak jewelry is on hold for a few days.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


We are moved in! I really don't like moving. Did I already say that? We like our place and have already got things on the walls! The town seems nice and Michael doesn't start work for two weeks, which is nice! We are actually leaving town for an interview in a couple of days. More time on the road with a baby! Ahhhhhhhhh! Will is at the age now where he really doesn't like to go for long rides! I am thinking of getting him a portable DVD player and let him watch Baby Einstein videos. Any thoughts about that? He is only 8 months, seems a little early for one, but I don't know... Here is a picture of Will eating in the back of my car at the gas station. You do what you have to do on the road! What you don't see in the picture is what happened next...Will kicked the jar of carrots all over my pants. That felt good for the next couple of hours! I also posted a picture of the Penske...I can't believe Michael drove this thing! You can't see in the picture, but there is a car carrier attached to it with Michael's Explorer on top of it. He was truly in a rig the length of a semi. I was a bit nervous the whole trip.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Moving Day

So the day is finally here and we still aren't ready. Today was possibly the most miserable day ever. I despise packing, cleaning, going to the dump, etc. The list could go on forever. Michael just got back from taking his boards in Chicago on Tuesday afternoon. So we basically had Wednesday to get everything ready, minus what mom and I packed. I can't wait until we close and we are outta here.
I won't be doing much blogging for the next few days as we are moving. I might go into withdrawls. We have to get the internet at our new place ASAP...

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fireworks, Friends, and Baseball

Will and Daddy
Will and Aunt Lori!

Rachel, Lori, and I (and half of Will)
Isn't he cute in that hat!!??
Rachel and Sterling (Will's older woman)
Will and Mommy

For the fourth we went to a Mississippi Braves (Atlanta Braves minor league) game with our friends Lori, Allan, Robert, Rachel, and Sterling! We had a good time hanging out. Will LOVED it! He couldn't stop looking around at everything, it was funny! Michael bought him a Braves hat. We thought for sure he would try to take it off, but he kept it on the whole time! Michael told me I needed to wash it to "break it in." I thought that was fun because since when does a baby need a ball cap the is "broken in!" He looked really cute in it! Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Not Sew Sure...

So here is my first attempt at sewing. My mom has been in town and she brought her sewing machine, so I thought that would be the perfect time to try this sewing thing out. Well I was in TJ Maxx and I saw this dress that was basically a tank top cut off with a piece of fabric sewed onto it. I thought, okay I can't sew, but I can make that! I told my mom about it and we tried it. The dress in the store had a gathered ruffle where it met the tank, so I put a different spin on it by making it a straight seam. My mom helped me a lot! I got frustrated and said, "I don't like sewing," but she said it would be much easier if I had a pattern and to not let this make me not like sewing. The hardest part was doing the gathering and then pinning so that it was even all the way around. Also the fabric I used wasn't the best choice for a beginner, but oh well. Although the fabric did allow me to not have to hem the dress, so that was good! I think overall it turned out cute!

Carrie, this might be something you guys could try in your sewing class. I know all of you have more experience so this would more than likely be a breeze for you! You can even use old tanks and fabric you already have! A refashion project! :)