Saturday, August 30, 2008

Jewelry anyone?

I am SOOOO excited about my new business cards!  I was in a HUGE pinch to get cards done before the sale and this girl on etsy (jack and molly) saved the day and created these babies! Love em'!  If you are in need of cute, custom business cards I can give you the info on jack and molly.   I also use Renee at Baby Face Designs - she is great and does SO many other cute personalized things!

I am having fun making these chunky necklaces!

I have been SUPER busy this week making jewelry for a sale I am doing next weekend in Atlanta. It's wearing me and my creativity out! :)  I have had fun making it all (still have a ton to do).  Lately I have been so wrapped up with filling Love My Baby necklace orders that I haven't had much time to make earrings and other fun necklaces with cool stones and such!  I had forgotten how much I enjoy it.  Anyway, whatever I don't sell I will be adding those pieces to the website!

It is GIVEAWAY TIME too!  I will draw next weekend for ANY ITEM ON THE WEBSITE!  I figured I would wait to draw after the sale so that I could add new things to the website.  To enter just leave a comment and an email address if I don't know you.  Good luck!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Destin 2008

I hope I am not too annoying with all the pictures!  
Lilly, Will, and Mamie - I thought the look on Will's face in this picture is funny!  He is like "ewww girls..."
Will LOVED this ride at The Track!
Racecar!!!  That is what is what he said over and over!
So much fun we had to do it again!
Michael and Jon at Red Bar in Santa Rosa Beach...our tradition!
Me, Lyla, and Ashley at Red Bar.
Playing in the sand with Daddy.

He looks so small in this picture!
Loved the pool of course...

It was so hard to get pictures without us squinting in every picture!  We have to plan the time better next time!

We had so much fun at the beach this year.  We went with the Carmans and the Hollands and had a blast!  This was the 5th year that we have been going to Jon's parents house in Destin.  This year was much more enjoyable as the kids were older this year and enjoyed the sand and water.  However, dinner out was still not fun!  Haha!  We would leave the restaurant each night and one of us would say, "Yea, that really wasn't fun or relaxing at all..."  We all shoveled our food in and got out of there - it was funny!  Each night the kids rotated on who was going to have the meltdown... One night we did get a sitter from Nanny Can - it is a nanny service there.  I know what you are thinking - "How can you leave your children with a stranger!!!"  Well the lady that owns it has a government contract to service the military etc. down there and she said you wouldn't believe the red tape you have to go through with background checks, etc. to get that contract.  They sent a nice mother of two for the night and we put the kids down before we left and no one woke up!  It was great...I highly recommend it!  Oh yeah, the prices are VERY reasonable as well!   Worth every cent:)

Wish we were still there...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

At the beach...

more pics to come...:)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This and that...

Not much going on here. Will started Mother's Day Out on Tuesday and he LOVES it! When we got there he was going from room to room trying to get in one of them to PLAY! I had to get him a nap mat for nap time. I laughed when they told me that because I thought there is NO WAY he will lay down on a mat (he is still in his crib) and actually fall asleep...good luck with that is what I was thinking. Well sure enough he slept for over an hour on the floor on a nap mat. CRAZY! He will also be going on Thursdays so we will see how tomorrow goes. I loved having some time to myself and doing some of those things that are just easier without a kid in tow!

Hmmm, what else? We are about to go to the beach so I am excited about that for sure! I think Will will really love it this year.

I have been hearing all of these good things about the book The Shack. Pretty much everything I heard has been good and I had no idea what is was about so I thought I would go buy it and take it to the beach. So Tuesday I went to Lifeway and picked up that book and another one on toddlers. I was checking out and the guy checking me out handed me a mandatory disclaimer about the book The Shack and asked - "who suggested you read this book?" I told him what I said above and asked him why. Long story short he said it was VERY controversial and didn't think their store should sell anything that has to have a disclaimer(which basically said to read with discernment and the teachings in this book were not scriptural etc., but that it is christian fiction) . So when I got home I looked up some things on the internet about the book and found a review and after reading the review I wonder if this is a book I should even read...I probably (obviously) would benefit more by just reading the Bible. Have you read it? Thoughts? I don't know if it concerned the guy at the bookstore because he didn't know if I was a new christian or wasn't one and didn't want me to read that book because of it's content. Or would someone who knows what they believe really be affected or have their mind changed by what this author is saying? Anyway, just curious if any of you have read it and what you think. If you are interested here is the review I read:

All for now...

Sunday, August 03, 2008

What a fun weekend...

Will and Daddy...
Ready for a picnic...
This was the most aggressive duck I have ever seen.  You can see him watching Will's every move in this picture.  He snatched a couple of fries right out of his hand!
Chasin' ducks...
Just a swingin'...
Driving the boat...
Will and Mommy...
He loved it when the boat was moving...we tried to catch him with his hands in the air.  He looked like he was riding a roller coaster!

Check below this post for winners of the giveaway!
I feel like this was the first normal weekend we have had in a while!  The move, going out of town, Michael being busy with work, etc has kept us from having some family fun!!!  So this weekend we made up for it with a visit to the park and a day at the lake.  We went out Saturday late in the day with one of our friends on his ski boat and Will loved it and was so good.  Then Sunday after church we rented a pontoon boat and Will was okay.  His nap was obviously cut short, etc. so he was a bit cranky, but got a little better...  He really LOVED throwing his pacy, sippy cup, and cars (that sink) out of the boat.  He also tried to throw bear-bear in for a swim, but I was able to snag it before he did.  I think part of the problem was his life jacket.  It fits when he is standing but when he sits down it rides up around his neck, so it couldn't have been comfortable - but there was no way I was going to take it off of him!  It was a beautiful day and the water was gorgeous - crystal clear (which is how I like my lake water!).  Hope you all had a great weekend too!


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