Monday, April 13, 2009


We are officially no longer on vacation :(  Michael and I went to the beach last week and mom and dad kept Will for us.  It was our last kid-free trip for a while!  We had so much fun.  It was so laid back and relaxing!  We slept in everyday, went to breakfast, then Michael would go play golf and I laid on the beach.  It was great!  Thank you sooooo much mom and dad!  We took maybe 5 pictures the whole week.  I really had no desire to document myself preggers and in a swimsuit...

Will had a great time with his Grandi and Grandad.  Mom took a ton of pictures that I don't have so I will have to get those and post them.  They dyed eggs, had an egg hunt, played outside for hours, went to High Museum and the Varsity, just had a big time.  When we got back from the beach Will said (when he saw me), "Mommy away..."  I guess that is a good thing though - he had so much fun!  

We stayed for the weekend at my parents and went to their church egg hunt and then church on Sunday.  Then back on the road!  Then we are headed out of town again this weekend for cousin Beau's 3rd birthday!  Will is really excited about seeing his cousins!  Hope you all had a great Easter!

Will and his Grandi on Easter.
This picture makes me laugh...could be a Pantene for Kids ad.
Will in his Easter outfit.
The fam!
This was taken right before he dumped out his Easter basket...
The Easter bunny was good to Will!
Will and Grandi working a puzzle...Will loves puzzles!
The whole fam...
Getting ready to hunt eggs with daddy!
Will and his Uncle Kyle!
Will and I at the egg hunt.  I promise my shirt isn't that shiny...must have been a really bright flash!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Jewelry Winner!

Congrats to....

#32 - Caroline G

Just email me through the website and let me know what you want!  We will do another one next month....