Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Latest

Well I went to the doctor yesterday and here is the latest...
I have not dilated at all. I will go back to the doctor on Wednesday and she will check me again (I will be 38 weeks), if I have not dilated we will wait a few more days and then she will do the ultrasound. If I have dilated she will do one that day. She wants to get the most accurate measurement of his size possible. So it is just a waiting game. It has been so great being able to get out and about and not worry about doing too much! I will keep you all posted...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Lookin' Large...

I haven't posted in quite a while so I thought I better do it while I can before the baby gets here! Everyone is telling me to enjoy these last couple of weeks because our world is about to be rocked!!!! I will be 37 weeks on Thursday! Which means he is term and I will no longer be on official bedrest!!! I have a doctor appointment tomorrow and she expects that I will have dilated some, so we will see! Either way, it is hard to believe that we will have our baby here in two weeks! WOW!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Dee and Beau

We have had so much fun since last Wednesday with my sister in law and nephew! Dee Dee helped out so much, doing laundry, making yummy desserts, and helping figure out what else I need before Will gets here. It was so great having her here! I miss her a lot! Beau is such a sweet and good baby! Michael and I loved being able to spend time with him! WHile they were here Dee Dee got Beau's Halloween costume. He is going to be a chicken, look at how cute he is in it! Thanks Dee Dee and Beau for coming to visit!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Baby Gear

We are busy getting ready for baby! Michael put Will's car seat and stroller together this week! My nephew Beau has been using his car seat to ride around in while my sister in law was in town keeping me company! He seems to be quite comfy in the car seat, so Will should too! Now Michael has to work on putting the swing and bouncy seat together. I know I will want those ready to go when Will gets here. I went to the doctor Thursday. I am 35 weeks! Everything looked good, I am starting to efface a little bit, but no dilation. My doctor said she would take me off bedrest at 36 or 37 weeks at my last few visits, so I asked her Thursday if I would be off bedrest at 36 weeks...Well she said, "Let's wait until 37." I knew it ugh!!!! Just kidding, I love my doctor, she has taken very good care of me through all of this!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Baby Update

Well as you can see I am getting larger by the day and Michael is getting skinnier! Michael even said I have a slight waddle! I didn't want to be a waddler, but I guess that is what big pregnant women do! I am now 34 weeks yea!!!! So that means 2 more weeks of bedrest! I went to the doctor yesterday and there has been no change, so that is good. All along my doctor thought I was going to have a big baby, so I asked her at my appointment if she thought he was going to be big still. She said yes! They will do another ultrasound at 37 or 38 weeks to see how big he really is - if he seems to be a biggon' she may do a c-section. We will see what happens, of course with the preterm labor I could still have him early and him not be that big! Time will tell.