Friday, October 13, 2006

Baby Gear

We are busy getting ready for baby! Michael put Will's car seat and stroller together this week! My nephew Beau has been using his car seat to ride around in while my sister in law was in town keeping me company! He seems to be quite comfy in the car seat, so Will should too! Now Michael has to work on putting the swing and bouncy seat together. I know I will want those ready to go when Will gets here. I went to the doctor Thursday. I am 35 weeks! Everything looked good, I am starting to efface a little bit, but no dilation. My doctor said she would take me off bedrest at 36 or 37 weeks at my last few visits, so I asked her Thursday if I would be off bedrest at 36 weeks...Well she said, "Let's wait until 37." I knew it ugh!!!! Just kidding, I love my doctor, she has taken very good care of me through all of this!

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Angie said...

One more week of bedrest is worth it for your sweet little man! In a few short weeks when Will arrives, you'll be wishing for a little "bed rest" time! :)