Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Better blog while I can...

Will and daddy at a local their matching shirts;)
My two them!!
Getting ready to water some plants...

I have to brag for a minute...I gave him some pretzels yesterday and I heard him say, "makin' letters" and sure enough he was!  Not to bad for a 2.5 year old!  

So tomorrow we will find out when the induction will be...either the 4th or the 8th.  I am hoping for the 4th, of course.  I am getting excited and am really excited about not being pregnant anymore!  I think I really experienced being pregnant for the first time this go around.  When I was pregnant with Will I was on bedrest at 29 weeks so all I did for 8 weeks was lay around on the couch!  Different story this time...Will has kept me super busy and I am really feeling the "pains" of pregnancy!  It's not really that bad, but my energy level is zapped and well it's just kind of hard to do all the things you need to do carrying 30 extra pounds of weight and worrying about over-doing it!  

Here are a few pictures of Will...we are enjoying playing outside in the warm weather!  We are in the process of making over our backyard.  We just got a new retaining wall (we back up to a hill and needed more yard space), next week they are starting our fence, and then will sod.  The fence was a must have to contain Will!  Now we can play outside while the baby naps, etc. 

Not much else is going here.  Hopefully next time I post it will be pictures of Quinn!

Friday, May 22, 2009

A winner finally...

The winner of the drawing is...
#25 Chelsey

Just drop me and email through the website and let me know what you would like to order!

I am going to skip the drawing for the month of June for obvious reasons...Quinn will be here!  I went to the doctor yesterday and we are going to set an induction date of either June 4 or June 8. My doctor will decide at my visit next week.  They are going to do another ultrasound to be sure that she has turned.  At my 32 week ultrasound she was breech - so they just want to make sure before they decide to induce!  I can't believe how soon she will be here!!!  Keep us in your prayers!

Friday, May 08, 2009


I am posting.  So let's do a giveaway!  I will try to keep it up, but baby #2 gets here first week of June so I don't know how many giveaways I will be doing those first couple of months!  haha!  SO leave a comment to enter for a...
$50 Gift Certificate for anything on the website!

In other news, we finally have a name for our girl, Quinn.  We are using Maire for the middle name which is my mom's middle name - so Quinn Maire.  Sometimes I get odd looks when I tell the name, but I really love it!   We always keep going back to it.  I am 35 weeks now and my doctor will induce at 39 weeks so about 4 weeks!  I have SO much to do...I am feeling the nesting bug now.  I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy has gone by...we are so excited to meet little Quinn!

Promise to blog more pictures soon...too tired tonight and am in the middle of watching Slumdog Millionaire - good movie by the way!