Sunday, January 14, 2007

Our 5th Wedding Anniversary

Michael and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on Friday. I can't believe how quickly the time has passed. We were looking through old pictures last night of us when we were dating and just married. We looked so much younger! It is so much fun looking back on all of those times. They are so easily forgotten. I posted a picture of us in Australia at Bondi beachabout a year and a half ago, it is one of my favorites! The sky was so gorgeous that evening the picture hardly does it justice!
We didn't do much for our anniversary, Will got to celebrate with us! However, we did go to our favorite sushi restaurant and it was delicious as always. We are going to Atlanta next week, so the grandparents are going to watch Will while we go celebrate our anniversary properly!


Amy said...

What a great picture! Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a fun night out in Atlanta!

Jennifer & Charlie said...

I still can't believe you've been to Australia. How long of a flight was that? I always think of you and Michael on your anniversary...sorry I didn't send you a note that day. Congrats on 5 years though! And yes, a beautiful fun to look back on old pictures and remember the events surrounding them.

Stacy said...

Happy Anniversary! 5 years ago...what a fun wedding it was! It was great to catch up with you last week!

Eric & Rebecca said...

Happy Anniversary!

I love the naked baby pictures!!!