Wednesday, September 27, 2006

33 Weeks

I do not have any recent pictures to post, but I thought I needed to blog anyway! Pictures are more fun though - I love it when I read other people's blogs and they have new pictures posted! Anyway, I am 33 weeks tomorrow!! That makes me very happy since I will be able to come off of bedrest at 36 or 37 weeks! Hopefully 36! So three weeks to go...light at the end of the tunnel. Will is getting bigger which means I am too! My stomach is so tight I feel like I might pop at any moment! We are so excited that he will be here soon. However, now I am getting a little nervous about the labor and delivery! I really need to stop watching a A Baby Story I guess. I don't understand why the women on that show do not opt for the epidural, not that having one naturally is a bad thing - more power to those women. I cry everyday when the baby is born and the mom and dad see the baby! It is so sweet - I am sure I will cry my eyes out when it is my own. Well that is an update on us, hopefully I will have more pictures to post soon!


Angie said...

New babies are so exciting! I'm sure you will be well taken care of during delivery! Let me know if you need anything in the next few weeks. Now that I know how close we live.... I'm here if you need me!

The Adcocks said...

Hey Courtney,
Somehow I found your blog and have looked at lots of people from Lipscomb's blogs. I told Dee Dee at church that I found your blog and I tried to comment earlier but it wouldn't let me. I loved all the blogs so much that I started my own. Good luck with your bed rest and the upcoming birth of your sweet baby Will. There's just something about a little boy! Our blog is I love your sweet nursery. It is precious. You are in our prayers.
Love, Christine (Donahoo)

TheGlissonFamily said...

I am glad you have made it to 33 weeks and I hope you continue to do well for the next 3 weeks or so. My girls unexpectedly came at 33 1/3 weeks and spent 18 days in the hospital, so you don't want that. Take care and I pray that everything will continue to go smoothly as you approach Will's arrival.

Angie said...

Brad is going to do a family medicine residency and then possibly a geriatrics fellowship. We are so ready to be done... and get a paycheck! :) We go to Siwell Road c of c in Byram. We definitely need to get together after your bedrest!

Anonymous said...

Quit watching a Baby Story! The closer it got to Lilly's delivery, the more panicky I got about how she was ever going to come out of me. Don't worry--it's so much easier than you think it will be. Watching all those delivery shows just gets you all freaked out about it. I love you & know you'll do great! (and you DO have a doctor you know fairly well) I'm just so sad I won't be able to be there at the hospital when Will is born and see you and your precious new little baby. You better move back here before you have another one!