Saturday, September 16, 2006

Shower in Atlanta

Charlotte, Jodi, Mom, Mandy, and Sharon

I had to post the pictures of the wonderful ladies that hosted the baby shower I could not attend! My mom stood in to represent me! It was so nice of them to still have the shower, they went to a lot of trouble they didn't have to. Thanks you Charlotte, Sharon, Jodi, Mandy and Melanie, I love you guys!


Stacy said...

What great friends to deliver the shower to you! Let us know what you got! Will's room looks great-once I get the house built, you need to come and help me w/Reese's nursery. By the the frames-I need to order some for her room.

Jennifer said...

yes - a truck load of gifts for baby Will.
By the way, how's Mandy? Does she live back in Atlanta?

April said...

Your mom looks just as lovely as the last time I saw her . . . I guess at your wedding? The woman doesn't age!!

It looks like you had a wonderful time!