Friday, September 08, 2006

First Outing in a Week!

Here I am at 30 weeks! Getting bigger by the day, however lost a few pounds this week due to being in the hospital and not being able to eat while on the medication. I am sure it won't take long to put those pounds back on! So we went to see the doctor today and everything looked fine, however I am still on bedrest until the baby gets here. She said I could do some things, but nothing too strenuous. So whatever it takes to make sure Will is healthy and not here too early, I will do it. I have never been so excited to go to the doctor. It was so fun getting dressed this morning, riding in the car, it is amazing the things we take for granted. We made the most of the morning, we ate at Cracker Barrel (I had the "Big Momma's Pancake Breakfast," ate it all thank you very much), then quickly ran in Old Navy to get some "loungewear" since I will doing a lot of that in the next few weeks. Now I am off to watch more 24 - a friend loaned me all the seasons - great time killer!


Laurie Frantz said...

So glad you are at are positivly glowing right now. Enjoy this last bit of time because it will go fast....keep the updates ya!

Jennifer said...

Courtney - You do look fabulous. Enjoy your lounging clothes...the down time before Will comes will be beneficial.

April said...

You look great!! And so does the nursery - absolutely adorable.

I'm sure you're bored now, but once he comes you will certainly not be bored!