Sunday, June 01, 2008


I found a website that will draw a number for me called RANDOM.ORG. I have seen it used on other sites where they can actually post the results, but I couldn't figure out how to do it... Anyway I plugged in all the numbers and here are the results!

#35 - The Hadfields (Amy)
#43 - Stacy

Just email me and let me know what you want! Go to my website and go to Contact Us and you can email me that way!

Thanks to all who entered....we'll do it again at the end of the month!!!


The Hadfields said...

YAY!! Oh Courtney, you have no idea how excited I am. I needed a pick me up today!! Thanks!!

Stacy said...

Oh my goodness!! I'm so EXCITED-winning is so fun! I'm going shopping......:)

Julie said...

I so sad I missed the giveaway-It's been crazy around here and I haven't had any time to check blogs-I just saw the mother's day post-gotta love the black and white polka-dot dress!! I had one a lot like it! Your mom is beautiful!! It could have been you in all those young mommy pics!

Anonymous said...

Courtney, I can't believe how much you look like Randi!!! I had to keep looking at the pictures to figure out who was who. Randi could be your sister. Dylan saw her the other day and said she looks younger than when she was my teacher!!!